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A dispensational Bible study group, teaching the word of God as He intended; rightly dividing the current dispensation of the grace of God from the covenants established with Israel.

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- Weekly Bible Study
Every Wednesday at 5:30PM


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- Free Bible Correspondence Courses

Do you know someone who is incarcerated but in search of Bible edification? Let us reach out to them.

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A Moment in the Word - Recent Topics

The Bible is Literal. Don't Try to Change It.

-September 2018-

The argument is regularly made that the New Testament was written thousands of years ago and hasn't kept up with the times. Click below to learn more about why we shouldn't let the changing world guide us.

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The Faith of Christ

-August 2018-

Whose faith are you saved by? In this study we'll explore one of the key differences between the authorized version, the King James Version, and other modern translations of the Bible.

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Almost Home, I'm Almost Home

-July 2018-

Are you running the right race? Click below to learn more about the mortality of our earthly bodies and the instructions for us while here on Earth.

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Relying on Head Knowledge

-June 2018-

Many people know the gospel but is that enough? Click below to learn more about where your belief should really lie.

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Our Sin-filled Flesh - Living a Changed Life

-May 2018-

 As the world changes around Christianity it’s becoming less and less popular to stand for the word of truth.   Click below to learn more about living a changed life.

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Our Sin-filled Flesh - Where Does Sin Come From?

-April 2018-

Who is to blame for your sins? Is it the Devil or the world we live in today? Click below to learn more about where your sins come from and the role you play in the process.

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