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Who Can Know the Deep Things of God?

The Lord wants each and every one of us to study His word. The Bible might seem intimidating to a newcomer but we'll explore further how the Holy Spirit works within you when you study God's word.

Who is Our Pattern?

The popular answer would be Jesus, however, Jesus was both man and God and we can't possible approach His perfection. In this study we'll learn about Paul, the apostle to the Gentiles.

Non-Denominational, Dispensational: The Local Church

What is a church? It's the place we go on Sunday, right? In this study we'll discuss the church, the Body of Christ as well as God's plan for the local assemblies of believers.

Non-Denominational, Dispensational: The Dispensation of Grace

What exactly is a dispensation? What is the dispensation of grace and why is it so important for us to understand God's plan for it? This is what makes Northwoods Grace different than every other church or Bible Study in our area. In this study we learn more about what Paul refers to in the Bible as right division.

Our Sin-Filled Flesh: Is Confession Required?

Do we need to confess our sins in this current dispensation of Grace? In this study we'll learn more about the work of confession that many Cristians feel is necessary for salvation and why you'll never be secure in salvation as long as you continue to trust in yourself and your ability to do good works.

Our Sin-Filled Flesh: Where Does Sin Come From?

Is it the Devil that makes you sin? Or is it just because you live in a crooked and perverse world? There is no doubt that both can cause temptation but there is only one person to blame for sin; yourself. In this study we learn more about sin and where it comes from.

Our Sin-Filled Flesh: Living a Changed Life

Now that we've learned in the previous studies who's responsible for our sins and that we don't need to confess them to be saved, what should our daily lives look like? Well, considering we were all sinners it's safe to say it should look changed. Click the title to explore the Christian life further.

Relying on Head Knowledge

Do you just know the gospel or do you really believe it in your heart? In this study we explore the difference between being able to repeat the words and truly believing them.

Almost Home, I'm Almost Home

The late Ralph Stanley wrote a song of the same title. In this study we explore the race we should for Christ in contrast to those who choose to live for their flesh.

The Faith of Christ

In this study we begin to explore the differences between the King James Version of the Bible and the modern translations. Something as simple as changing the word of to in can have a profound effect on our understanding of Scripture.

Heaven is Real

In this study we explore the difficulty in not knowing for sure where our loved ones may be after their death. It's easy to tell our children and loved ones that someone who has passed is in heaven. We'll explore the one question you can ask in order to be sure.